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Discover What to Do in Ibiza in November

While northern Europe is already experiencing winter, Ibiza enjoys a warm and sunny November. The island is peaceful, making it the ideal time for outdoor activities. With temperatures ranging from 12 to 19°C, you can explore the island with ease, whether it’s cycling, hiking, running, or playing golf at Roca Llisa Golf Course. The less crowded roads also make it a great time to rent a car and explore.

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Culture and Traditions in November

November starts with All Saints’ Day, a national holiday in Ibiza. Local cemeteries display beautiful exhibitions of roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies left by people on their loved ones’ graves. The island also celebrates traditional “matanzas,” where locals prepare dishes like arroz de matanzas, butifarra, and sobrasada from freshly slaughtered pigs. Check out local restaurants to savor these culinary delights.

Events and Activities in November

November is a great time for sports enthusiasts with various races and competitions taking place. Check our event calendar for more information. If you're looking for tranquility, November is the perfect time to visit Ibiza, as the reduced flight frequency often means more affordable prices for travelers. While the major parties have ended, Pacha continues to offer music on weekends, providing nighttime entertainment.

Ibiza’s November Gastronomy

Savor the delicious local cuisine in November. Whether it’s a sandwich in Santa Gertrudis or traditional dishes like arròs de matances, frita de pulpo, or sofrit pagès, the island offers a unique culinary experience. Don’t miss the chance to try typical desserts like flaó, greixonera, and panellets, especially on All Saints’ Day.

November’s Festivals and Traditions in Ibiza

Explore local traditions in November. The trencada de pinyons, where pinecones are cracked to retrieve pine nuts, is a well-loved tradition. Pine nuts are a key ingredient in sweets like panellets. San Carlos hosts the Pagès Festival, a competition that combines knowledge of the island with physical skills for a fun experience. Santa Gertrudis’ festivals feature local rock band performances, offering an authentic taste of Ibiza’s culture.

In summary, November is an excellent time to experience the tranquil and authentic side of Ibiza. Whether you seek nature, culture, or cuisine, Ibiza in November welcomes you with open arms!