Nestled within the legendary Las Dalias, a haven for free spirits in the northern reaches of the island, Akasha Club emerges as a thrilling addition to the vibrant tapestry of Ibiza's nightlife scene. This nocturnal sanctuary boasts a refined aesthetic and ambient lighting that wouldn't be out of sync with the cosmopolitan vibes of London, Berlin, or Tokyo. More than just a space to revel in the present, Akasha transcends the ordinary, offering an opportunity to expand one's existence and forge soulful connections, all choreographed to the enchanting rhythms of music. Elevating the auditory experience with remarkable acoustics and a chic design featuring natural elements and subdued tones, Akasha has swiftly garnered acclaim, providing the denizens of the north with a late-night dancefloor. Guided by the visionary touch of creative director Igor Marijuan, the club has already played host to an array of fascinating DJs and live acts from across the globe. Access to the club is facilitated through the bar/restaurant and the verdant embrace of Las Dalias' garden. Even when the garden lies dormant, Akasha beckons with its rooftop smoking area—a serene retreat that offers a panoramic view of the Las Dalias terrace, creating an ideal space to unwind and absorb the nocturnal charm.

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