Legal Notice

Legal Notice –

This Legal Notice governs the use of the service provided through the Internet portal, with Charles Brongniart identified as the legal entity. The relevant legal aspects are outlined below:

Identification Details:

  • Legal Entity: Charles Brongniart
  • Tax Identification Number (NIF): X3407510Z
  • Address: Carrer Es Caló 18, 1ºG – 07819 San Josep – Ibiza
  • Phone: (+34) 659531709

Legal Framework:
The relationships between Charles Brongniart and Users utilizing the telematic services on the website are governed by Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. Both parties expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submitting to the Courts and Tribunals of the Balearic Islands to resolve any disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of the established contractual conditions.

Content and Use of the Site:
The User is informed that access to this website does not, in any way, initiate a commercial relationship with Charles Brongniart. The website owner does not identify with the opinions expressed by its collaborators. The Company reserves the right to make modifications to the website without prior notice, including changes, deletions, or additions to both content and services, as well as how they are presented or located on its servers.

Intellectual and Industrial Property:
This website and its content are protected by Intellectual Property laws. Exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, assignment, or transformation without proper authorization is prohibited. Access to the site does not confer any rights or ownership to users over the intellectual property rights it protects.

Content may be downloaded for private use only and without commercial purposes. Any exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, assignment, transformation, or use for public or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited.

Trademarks, logos, products, and services on the site are protected by law. Charles Brongniart reserves the right to take legal action against users who infringe intellectual property rights.

The inclusion of links on Charles Brongniart’s web pages is for informational purposes only and does not imply, under any circumstances, a suggestion, invitation, or recommendation regarding them.